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High Conversations With One’s Self (Pointless, Skip)

Hello and welcome to my new blog, Baelnorn’s Ready Room!!!

“Hey, Baelnorn, I thought you already had a blog, what the hell?!”

Okay, I know, I know, but bare with me, I’ll explain. When you think Baelnorn, you probably think LARP, Beer, maybe writing? Ya, you’ll find none of that here. It’s all about marijuana and Star Trek.

“Wait, hold up, when did you start smoking weed? I thought it was all about the beer bro?”

Yes, well about that, I started dabbling with “weed” back in 2019. I didn’t start smoking it regularly till the plague hit. I’ll excuse you for not knowing, until recently, I didn’t really flaunt it. It’s hard to avoid though when you’re producing a podcast about it.

“Sure ya, okay, I get it, but you branched out under your Baelnorn brand before, why are you doing it this time?”

Good question and I got two answers for it. One, I do the podcast with a partner, Riley, so my weed and Star Trek content sphere is shared with my friend, unlike the other stuff. Two, I wanted this content to be more adultish. I try to keep Baelnorn content around PG-13 and I wanted to do something light R rated, content I don’t have to worry about saying fuck if I want to.

“Are you worried about crossing content or something?

No, not really, if I was I would have used a different name. Plus I wouldn’t be answering these questions in a blog, (tongue face emoji). I’m sure there might be cross content at some point and I’m not to worried about it. But generally all my weed and Star Trek content will be different from my LARP, Beer and Writing content, or any other content for that matter.

Alright, so what is this whole blog about?

Um…Weed and Star Trek….lol, but no seriously, it’s a good question. I’m glad it was asked, but if you’ll allow me, I’d like to change back to a normal blog format and get to it. Alright, fuck it, to the point.

To The Point…

I am really into our new Podcast, High Trek, and I have a lot to say about Star Trek, more than what I say in our main format, the podcast. So here we are.

I of course didn’t want to leave out the weed so I’m writing this high. So really, if you skipped the ramblings above you save yourself some time.

I will be writing most of my blog posts relatively sober (unlike now, I took a big edible for this post). One thing I plan to do is try and write a short little blog about each episode of Star Trek Next Generation. Maybe think of it like Baelnorn’s Annotated Synopsis Series, or something like that.

These posts will be maybe 350-450 words, pretty short. It will just be my thoughts on the episode, often in relation to what I remember as a kid as to how I see it as an adult, but who knows what I’ll do as the series goes on.

Other than that, I’ll be posting random things which will often be something to do with weed. I might do high thoughts or maybe more high blogs, we’ll see.

Either way I hope you’ll follow this content.

More ramblings below.

Baelnorn’s Ready Room

So, That’s it. Baelnorn’s Ready Room? Like I said most of my blogs I won’t be this silly high, but this whole blog is for fun. That doesn’t mean I won’t take it seriously. It just means I might be like this once and a while and want a place to play around and have a conversation.

That’s what I’d like to talk about. Having a conversation. I love them and I’d love to have this blog be a conversation between each one of us. I look forward to engaging with you with this content. I will attempt to talk in a more conversational in this blog.

I really would like to hear what you think about my ramblings and would like to her your opinion on future posts.

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