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High Thoughts #1 Seasons and Emotions

“Each season has it’s own presence and each night it’s own emotion. A fall’s rainy cold evening walk will not provoke the same emotion as a winter’s cold, snowy evening stroll”

Baelnorn’s High Thought

Editor’s note: This is a High Thought blog, most if not all of them are wrote while high. That means I had a high thought, see the above quote, and then I blog about it. See the below blog. I would enjoy the chance to engage on this topic.

The Real Beginning

Today I walked to the coffee shop while smoking, took my brother coffee while smoking and walked back home smoking. Later that afternoon I took the chance to get some weed for the rest of the week, since it looked like the weather was going to keep me snowed in over the next few days. After I got home, I stayed in the car, heater on and listened to some music, smoking of course. It started to snow again.

I sat there vaping away, trying to drain the last of the cartridge, and listening to music, and I thought about both my drive and my earlier walk. Both of them had felt different, the energy wasn’t the same as a late a October partly cloudy day after a night full of rain. The driving conditions were no different, the snow was already mush. Most of the day had been relatively clear. Yet there was something different, there were less people. cars were giving other cars more space.

Then, after listening to music for an hour or so I decided it was time to go in. I turned offer the music, the car died and then, the final sound, the stereo buzzing noise disappeared. There was just silence, not even wind, but I could see it snowing, the clouds covered the sun just enough that the sky looked like it was painted in a layer of very light pink pastels. Then it all kind of clicked on an emotional level.

I could feel some resemblance of calmness in my mind, I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a spiritual moment or anything like that but my mind was calmed; which is particularly rare for me.

An Anthropological Thought.

The idea of cultural memory, which is probably a term I’m making up for how I understand something from cultural anthropology courses, popped into my mind as I explored the calmness. in this context, it’s the idea that we grew up in a broadly similar culture, we have similar broad ideas that are similar in terms of how different seasons feel to each other. The broader idea is a wonderful concept I can go into if people want me to some time.

Then I realized that I was really high and that if I was going to get up three flights of stairs with all my munchies, I needed to leave now or resign to staying in the car longer. I almost stayed longer, but I really needed to be editing the High Trek episode. So I grabbed the big bag of chips, my backpack and my bag of pop and walked up to the apartment.

Problem was, I ended up writing this blog, because I wanted to get the idea down, but I’m basically done, so I’m going to just edit it and post it.

Love to hear about your ideas of seasons and emotions and stuff! and I’m going to finish it now.

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